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A Beautiful Wedding at Hartley Botanical

Kelly and Brendan had such a great wedding!  I know this is a little out of the ordinary, but we have to give props to Kelly for such a great playlist!  She can DJ our parties from now on!  Okay, so we have the same taste in music, but our love of sarcasm seems to also be as strong, so needless to say (but I’ll say it anyway) this was a fun day filled with good vibes!

palm-springs-wedding-photographer-somis-hartley-botanical-02 palm-springs-wedding-photographer-somis-hartley-botanical-01 palm-springs-wedding-photographer-somis-hartley-botanical-10

This wedding went off without a hitch!  All of Kelly’s nervous energy seemed to be coming from the fact that nothing was even coming close to going wrong!  Right before she was about to walk down the aisle we looked at each other and said, “it is so quite in here”.  Her father was in place, the bridal party were on the mark and the ceremony was just simply beautiful!


palm-springs-wedding-photographer-somis-hartley-botanical-04 palm-springs-wedding-photographer-somis-hartley-botanical-05 palm-springs-wedding-photographer-somis-hartley-botanical-06 palm-springs-wedding-photographer-somis-hartley-botanical-07 palm-springs-wedding-photographer-somis-hartley-botanical-08

It was a day filled with good memories, funny stories and lots and lots of love!  Don’t worry I won’t mention the good music again, but even the DJ (Kyle) had to give her credit for picking out some good tunes!

palm-springs-wedding-photographer-somis-hartley-botanical-09 palm-springs-wedding-photographer-somis-hartley-botanical-11 palm-springs-wedding-photographer-somis-hartley-botanical-12 palm-springs-wedding-photographer-somis-hartley-botanical-13 palm-springs-wedding-photographer-somis-hartley-botanical-14 palm-springs-wedding-photographer-somis-hartley-botanical-15 palm-springs-wedding-photographer-somis-hartley-botanical-16

I loved this wedding, from the “man-cave” to the twinkle lights, this was a pretty cool day with some pretty cool people!  Congrats to Kelly and Brendan, hope you have an amazing honeymoon in Europe!!!! (I do say that with a little bit of jealousy btw) 😉


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3 thoughts on “A Beautiful Wedding at Hartley Botanical

  1. As a guest and groomsman at the wedding, and someone who is TERRIFIED of wedding photography, I wanted to say thank you. You guys captured brilliant images, were re-assuring, and struck the perfect balance of making everyone feel special without taking up very much time at all from our time with friends. You guys nailed it.

  2. Sheila Wallick on said:

    You captured the pure joy on my daughters face. These photos made me more teary that the wedding!

  3. Aunt Jan and Uncle Phil on said:

    These are absolutely beautiful pictures of an absolutely beautiful wedding. We were so blessed to be a part of this very special day.

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