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Halloween at Eden Gardens

It is not often that I am left searching for words to describe how cool a wedding was.  This past Friday was Halloween, and all I can say is when Nicole and Andy decided to have a Halloween themed wedding, they didn’t hold back!

palm-springs-wedding-photography-halloween-off-beat-bride-01 palm-springs-wedding-photography-halloween-off-beat-bride-02

palm-springs-wedding-photography-halloween-off-beat-bride-03 palm-springs-wedding-photography-halloween-off-beat-bride-04 palm-springs-wedding-photography-halloween-off-beat-bride-05

It’s didn’t surprise us at all when we saw the expression on Andy’s face as Nicole walked down the aisle.

palm-springs-wedding-photography-halloween-off-beat-bride-06 palm-springs-wedding-photography-halloween-off-beat-bride-24 palm-springs-wedding-photography-halloween-off-beat-bride-07 palm-springs-wedding-photography-halloween-off-beat-bride-08 palm-springs-wedding-photography-halloween-off-beat-bride-09 palm-springs-wedding-photography-halloween-off-beat-bride-10

Nicole made the masks for the bridal party, the bridesmaids wore spiderwebs in their hair and Andy had one of the coolest suits I had ever seen, including top hat and tails! The guests arrived in costume, everything from Zombies to a traditional ghost under a white sheet.  There is something very cool about seeing Elvira “Mistress of the Dark” hanging out in the smoking section with a Nun and an Angel….

palm-springs-wedding-photography-halloween-off-beat-bride-11 palm-springs-wedding-photography-halloween-off-beat-bride-12 palm-springs-wedding-photography-halloween-off-beat-bride-13 palm-springs-wedding-photography-halloween-off-beat-bride-14 palm-springs-wedding-photography-halloween-off-beat-bride-15

Now aside from the costumes there is one other detail that could not be disguised.  The connection and love between Nicole and Andy is so obvious.  The way they look at each other, the way they can speak without saying a word, the way their families talk about the two of them together.  This was not just an amazing visual wedding, this was an amazing wedding of two people who just get each other.

palm-springs-wedding-photography-halloween-off-beat-bride-16 palm-springs-wedding-photography-halloween-off-beat-bride-17 palm-springs-wedding-photography-halloween-off-beat-bride-18 palm-springs-wedding-photography-halloween-off-beat-bride-19 palm-springs-wedding-photography-halloween-off-beat-bride-20

We are so happy Nicole and Andy found each other and we are so happy we got to be a part of their awesome wedding day!

palm-springs-wedding-photography-halloween-off-beat-bride-21 palm-springs-wedding-photography-halloween-off-beat-bride-22 palm-springs-wedding-photography-halloween-off-beat-bride-23

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