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Classic Palm Springs Engagement

Everything is meant to be, at least this is how I like to look at life.  Elizabeth had contacted us regarding their wedding in Palm Springs for next year and we definitely hit it off via email, well then Gilbert contacted me by phone and I knew we had to shoot their wedding!  Not just everyone brings up black and white photos of JFK and Jackie as inspiration for their wedding photos!

palm-springs-wedding-photography-rivera-ace-windmills-02 palm-springs-wedding-photography-rivera-ace-windmills-01 palm-springs-wedding-photography-rivera-ace-windmills-03

We had planned an engagement shoot for the Pasadena area, but it just wasn’t going to work out, but why would we go there when we have all that Palm Springs has to offer?  So this was our new plan and I am so happy we photographed them here!

palm-springs-wedding-photography-rivera-ace-windmills-07 palm-springs-wedding-photography-rivera-ace-windmills-05 palm-springs-wedding-photography-rivera-ace-windmills-04

When we met with them before the shoot we talked about the different spots we could go, and the fact that they had wardrobe changes really added to the whole “editorial” feel to the shoot.  Even their nervous laughter added to the images.  It is great to see a couple who have never been in front of our cameras just go for it and have fun with the shoot, despite racing against the sunset!

palm-springs-wedding-photography-rivera-ace-windmills-09 palm-springs-wedding-photography-rivera-ace-windmills-13 palm-springs-wedding-photography-rivera-ace-windmills-10 palm-springs-wedding-photography-rivera-ace-windmills-12 palm-springs-wedding-photography-rivera-ace-windmills-11 palm-springs-wedding-photography-rivera-ace-windmills-08 palm-springs-wedding-photography-rivera-ace-windmills-06

But once that sun set, we headed over to The Rivera Hotel to get some awesome indoor shots! Elizabeth and Gilbert are two peas in a pod, I don’t even know if they know how connected they are.  We definitely saw it and we are so happy to have them as clients, can’t wait for the wedding!

palm-springs-wedding-photography-rivera-ace-windmills-14 palm-springs-wedding-photography-rivera-ace-windmills-15

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