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Favorite Wedding Images of 2016

It was an amazing year in 2016, now we are ready for 2017. In 2016 we photographed over 30 amazing couples in Palm Springs, Santa Barbara, Napa Valley and more.

Here are few highlights of some of our favorite images from 2016…

Meaghan & Haas – The Rivera Hotel, Palm Springs


Sandi & Steven, Napa Valley


Alysia & Matt, Palm Springspalm-springs-elopement-wedding-retro-photography-vintage-18

Ali & Jared, The Parker – Palm Springs


Andrew & Pierre – Palm Springspalm-springs-elopement-wedding-retro-photography-vintage-01

Chrissy & Janson, Palm Springspalm-springs-elopement-wedding-retro-photography-vintage-09

Joy & Wesley, Palm Springs palm-springs-elopement-wedding-retro-photography-vintage-05

Chloe & Jason, La Quintapalm-springs-elopement-wedding-retro-photography-vintage-06

Nancy & Zachary, La Quintapalm-springs-elopement-wedding-retro-photography-vintage-07

Mary & Melissa, Palm Springspalm-springs-elopement-wedding-retro-photography-vintage-02

Shelbue & Ryan, Balboa Park San Diegopalm-springs-elopement-wedding-retro-photography-vintage-08

Alexandria & Kyle, Palm Desertpalm-springs-elopement-wedding-retro-photography-vintage-10

Kendall & Jeff, Palm Springspalm-springs-elopement-wedding-retro-photography-vintage-19

Craig & Robert, Palm Springspalm-springs-elopement-wedding-retro-photography-vintage-11

Shannon & Zach, Venturapalm-springs-elopement-wedding-retro-photography-vintage-12

Tata & Lantham, Venturapalm-springs-elopement-wedding-retro-photography-vintage-04

Sara & Leonard, Palm Springspalm-springs-elopement-wedding-retro-photography-vintage-13

Gina & Aaron, Santa Barbarapalm-springs-elopement-wedding-retro-photography-vintage-20

Samanta & Benjamin, Palm Desertpalm-springs-elopement-wedding-retro-photography-vintage-14

Yani & Abel – Coachellapalm-springs-elopement-wedding-retro-photography-vintage-17

Richard & rachel, Westlake Villagepalm-springs-elopement-wedding-retro-photography-vintage-15

Ashley & Andrew, Harbor Citypalm-springs-elopement-wedding-retro-photography-vintage-16

Sarah & Tommy, Newport Beachpalm-springs-elopement-wedding-retro-photography-vintage-21



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