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The Difference

We definitely have a style with the way we shoot.  But we also know that each and every couple is different from each other!  This means, while we may have an idea of how we would like to take a specific photo, we know that it really depends on the personality of the people who are in front of our cameras!

I have been told too many times by brides and grooms how they don’t want the exact same photos as every other photographer.  I’ve even been asked if there is a “standard formula” to taking wedding photos because they sometimes can’t tell the difference between many photographers.

For us, we don’t have a formula, but we do have certain poses we like, certain locations here in Palm Springs which are our own personal favorites.  But we understand, people interact differently.  Some are more bold, some are cute and cuddly, some like to show affection in different ways than others.  So we cannot photograph every single wedding the same way.

We love people.  We love being people photographers.  We hope this shows in our work!  I have included some of our favorites (so hard to pick from!) from this past year in today’s post, and remember, you can always see more on or website!  http://www.jimpluskelly.com

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