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Getting Married in Palm Springs

Why do people get married in Palm Springs?  It’s the desert.  It is hot, it is sandy, but it is also amazing! We have so many great locations for photography that it is like shooting a fashion editorial with brides and grooms all of the time!

Okay, so it is fun for a photographer, but these are some pretty great spots for the wedding couple as well.  We have been photographing weddings for many years, I can truthfully say this is our favorite location!  This is probably why we moved here.  Honestly, we started coming to Palm Springs on our own anniversary in July.  Yes, in the middle of summer, and we loved it!

The architecture here is awesome for weddings.  I don’t really know of anywhere else where you have mid-century modern venues like these.  And when something isn’t necessarily mid-century modern, it is just cool and funky!  Like the ACE Hotel, their mural changes on a regular basis.  This means you get your own mural for your wedding photos.  🙂

So why get married in Palm Springs?  Why not?  Great venues, great weather, great history, great spots for wedding activities such as rehearsal dinners, drinks, bachelor and bachelorette parties.  Golf, hiking, and now I sound like a tourist advertisement, so I’ll stop here.

If you’re into having some not-so-typical wedding photos, this is the place.  I know wineries and ball rooms have their place and I can’t say that I don’t enjoy being inside in the air conditioning during summer weddings, okay I love being inside in the air conditioning during summer weddings!

I think Palm Springs just fits our style.  It is vintage, it is modern, it has it all.  I highly recommend having your wedding here, it is so much more than just the desert. 🙂

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