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About Us

Based in Palm Springs and Santa Barbara – Available for weddings anywhere in Southern California!

See more at www.jimpluskelly.com

Jim + Kelly Photography is a team of three photographers. Jim and Kelly have been shooting together for nearly two decades. Elizabeth officially joined the team in 2015, although Kelly + Jim have photographing wedding with her for 6 years!

A few silly facts…

• Jim loves anything with a vintage color hazy vibe, while Kelly loves film and black white. Elizabeth has the most modern style…which is why we like to say style is “where modern + vintage meet and fall in love”

• Jim + Kelly have been a couple for over 18 years

• Jim, Kelly, and Elizabeth all love to travel. Since 1999 Jim + Kelly they have drive across the country at least once a year, they have also travelled across the country on train quite a few times. Elizabeth has been to 17 countries, 15 of them in the past few years alone!

• Animals lovers; they all have furry children…good thing they have understanding & loving family when they travel!

• Jim + Kelly were both photographers before they met, but neither knew until they both packed a bunch of cameras on their first “real” vacation together in 1997.

• Elizabeth and Kelly are both middle children of very large families…Jim is the youngest of three.

• Kelly and Jim live in Palm Springs basically because they love anything mid-century modern and vintage of course.

• Kelly is a UCSB alumni, hence 1/2 of their weddings are in the Santa Barbara area. Jim, Kelly, and Elizabeth are in the Ventura and Santa Barbara area on a regular basis!

To visit and learn more go to their website at www.jimpluskelly.com





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